The IVDD Handbook

The IVDD Handbook: Helping your dog through back and neck problems. Paperback - Sept. 2022

by Dr Marianne Dorn (Author)

The definitive guide to helping your dog through back or neck problems such as IVDD (disc extrusion or ‘slipped disc’).

Some of our most popular dog breeds are very commonly affected by IVDD, including the dachshund and French bulldog. The disease takes many owners by surprise, with their dog running around happily in the morning and then being found collapsed later the same day. Dogs with severe IVDD are unable to walk and have no control of their bladder or bowels.

Recovery nearly always involves weeks to months of specialised care at home. For safety and for best results, it's essential to get the details of home care right. Written by Dr Marianne Dorn, a vet and small animal physiotherapist, this handbook includes:

  • clear practical guidelines for each stage of recovery
  • illustrated how-to guides for everything from sling-walking to home exercises
  • notes on when to contact your vet
  • an illustrated guide to understanding your dog's surgical report
  • advice on keeping your recovering dog happy and content
  • a section on maintaining your own wellbeing while caring for your dog
  • example daily routines suitable for dogs at each stage of recovery
  • hundreds of colour photos showing what to look for and how to help your dog
  • an index, glossary and colour-coded chapters to help you find information fast.

Highly recommended for dog owners and carers, dog breeders, vet nurses, animal physiotherapists and vets.


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