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An owner who was worried her dog might have a back problem, but her vet was saying "it's just arthritis". She read our information and revisited the vet:


“I am on my way home with her now - he will phone me later with details of where and when I can get a referral to a specialist. I am not looking at my wee girl so fearfully now. Home and into her crate until we know where we stand re her back. I actually feel like I know what I am doing, and that what I am doing is right. Thanks again for your wonderful support and the link to that fantastic website. Xxx”

A veterinary neurologist reviewed the site and said:


"I love the IVDD website, very informative and useful and really nicely designed."

An owner who was told by her vet that her Dachshund had a swelling in his back asked for advice on our Facebook Group and decided to take him for a second opinion. The dog needed surgery and has made a good recovery.


"This page/site has been a lifeline for me the last 10 days. If not for this group I might have listened to the ill-advised first vet that I saw!!! Thank goodness I found you guys and sought out a second opinion. You helped me save my little man, thank you so so much. xxx"

A vet in general practice emailed us and said:


"There is some great advice on your site and it has certainly helped some of my patients. Some great work you're doing just now." 

A site visitor said:

"I don’t own a dachshund but I own a beautiful boy with ivdd. From one
dog lover to the other(s) thank you from the bottom of my heart for your
helpful web page my boy stood for the first time tonight 9 days after
surgery. The info you provided helps so much."


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