What dogs are eligible?

In order to participate in the screening programme and qualify for the discounted screening fee and subsidised scoring, your Dachshund must meet the following criteria:


  1. Minimum age requirement (official radiographic age) - X-rays of the vertebral column are performed when the dog is between 2 and 4 years of age (24-48 months).
  2. The dog will be used in a breeding programme (i.e. either as a stud dog or a brood bitch)
  3. The dog is registered at the UK Kennel Club
  4. The owner is resident in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  5. The dog is microchipped

Why are you only allowing dogs that are intended to be bred from to participate?

This is a breeding screening programme and, from a veterinary perspective, it is difficult to justify the sedation and procedure if there is no intention of future breeding.


We are concerned that owners of dogs not being bred from might be expecting something other than a ‘breeding risk’ score. Our veterinary advisors' view is that it is not in these dogs' best interests as it will not change the veterinary management of that individual. Any advice given to them will not differ to any advice given prior to performing the radiographs.

The UK x-ray screening programme is currently being subsidised by Dachshund Health UK for anyone planning to breed from their dog/bitch.
More recently, our conversations with neurology specialists and the BVA have suggested there may be some benefit in screening ANY Dachshund. Dogs that are identified with a higher risk may need advice on lifestyle factors, such as obesity and exercise regimes. There is certainly evidence that these do impact on risk but genetic factors are likely to be more significant (IVDD definitely "runs in families").
We may therefore be changing our advice when the current screening programme is formally adopted by the Kennel Club as an officially recognised scheme. Watch out for more news on this.
The other benefit of encouraging all owners to screen their dogs is that we build a larger data-set, more quickly. This will enable us to move towards the development of Estimated Breeding Values as a tool to help breeders.

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