The Rehab Vet - webinar videos

Dachshund Health UK ran a series of webinars in October and November 2022, presented by Dr Marianne Dorn (The Rehab Vet). Attendance was charged for so a donation could be made to the DHUK charity which is currently supporting IVDD research and screening projects.


We are now making the videos of these webinars publicly available and if you would like to make a donation to DHUK, you can do so here.


We are immensely grateful to Marianne for the huge amout of time and effort she invested in designing and running these webinars, and for her permission to share the videos. You can contact her via Marianne is the author of The IVDD Handbook (publ. 2022).

IVDD: Top tips for learning to walk

IVDD: Recovering from pain

For Vets: Canine disc extrusion and communication with owners

For Physiotherapists: IVDD: Canine disc extrusion - the road to recovery

Header image courtesy Dr Marianne Dorn / Cotswold Dog Spa

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