Grishka's story

Halyna Bregovic wrote to tell us about her experience.

5 year old Mini Long Dachshund, Grishka, has had two episodes of rear leg paralysis, which have been treated conservatively with strict crate rest, canine massage, acupuncture, laser, and as he improved, exercises and a hydrotherapy treadmill.

During his recuperation, I was advised to try using a sling to support his back legs on trips outside to toilet etc. I tried several until I discovered the
Gingerlead sling, far superior and ideal for a Dachshund as it helps the the human to give substantial support to the back legs whilst maintaining control of the front end, all with one hand. Grishka really enjoys the balance and support and it gives him the confidence to do what he has to do. The straps are fully adjustable, so great for a human's back - two neoprene handles, one pad for the sling and other one for the handler. The Ginger lead is available in different sizes, but I would highly recommend this remarkable sling for any Dachshund suffering from IVDD or anything else, perhaps after an operation on hips, legs etc. The UK agents are:

It has been a tough, exhausting time for both of us, but I never gave up hope. The great news now, after a long slog, is that I have also found a wonderful canine masage therapist who was able to identify and treat many painful areas in Grishka’s body which had probably developed because he was out of sync and over-compensating. The results of the canine massage are astonishing: he is finally now starting to walk again and I feel like I have a new little Dachshund now and I have never seen him as happy as he is now.

What a mind blowing, beautiful and very humbling experience!

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