Missy's story

Sam Davies wrote to tell us about Missy, her 4 year old Mini Smooth Dachshund who went down with a back problem in January 2016.


"My Missy went down with 2 herniated discs on 7th January and I was advised by 2 vets to to have her put to sleep. I sought a 3rd opinion after medication combined with homeopathic remedies and conservative care. I was then referred by the orthopaedic specialist to a rehab centre. After sessions twice per week for the last 5 weeks and me doing short physio exercises at home 5 times a day, my girl is back on her feet and walking."


"She was sleeping one minute; the next she got out of bed looking like her back was broken. It's been the worst 3 months of my life since she went down, but we are getting there now."

Missy now!



Sadly, in October 2016, Missy had a relapse and herniated a further disc. This time, she was completely paralysed and Sam had to make the heartbreaking decision to "let her have her wings". RIP Missy. Much loved and never to be forgotten.

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