Screening for IVDD

X-ray screening and back scoring has been used in Scandinavia for several years and is currently the best available tool to help us reduce the genetic risk of IVDD. All 6 varieties of Dachshund in the UK are encouraged to participate. You can see the results of UK screened dogs here.


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It has been known for many years that herniated discs in Dachshunds have a significant hereditary component. Research in Scandinavia has shown that there is a good correlation between calcification of the discs and clinical herniations, when dogs are screened between the ages of 2 and 4. The aim of X-ray screening for IVDD is to reduce the occurrence of herniations in future generations by encouraging breeding with dogs that have low numbers of calcifications.


The UK Screening scheme costs £300 per dog if done at our partner (CVS Group) practices. Scoring of the X-rays will be paid for by Dachshund Health UK (registered charity) and owners will also receive a subsidy (currently £100) from DHUK towards the cost of the X-rays. If you prefer, you can ask your own vet to take the x-rays.


We have provided links to research papers (Open Access) here and here.


Other research may lead to additional, or better, techniques in future.

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