Symptoms and Treatment

Would you recognise the signs that your dog might have a back problem? Check out the symptoms here. When you see any of the signs that your Dachshund might have a back problem, you need to visit your vet immediately. While waiting to see the vet, ensure your dog is confined to a small area (crate or pen) and not allowed to run, jump or able to climb on or off furniture. Your vet will carry out an initial diagnosis and may refer your dog to a specialist. We do not recommend you take your dog to see a Chiropractor.


There are two main courses of action that your vet might recommend; conservative (rest and medication) or surgical (an operation).


Research at QVSH (Cambridge Vet School) shows very good success rates with conservative management and this should always be discussed as an option.


Whatever your vet recommends, your Dachshund will need a careful programme of rehabilitation to help get back to normal. Download our crate rest guide from the rehab page.


Remember, IVDD is not a death sentence for your Dachshund; there is hope, but you need to understand the outlook (prognosis) based on the symptoms and treatment options. You also need to act quickly. Make sure you remember VITAL:


Video: what happens when a disc herniates?

(A 2 minute overview from DodgersList)



Video: Interview with Dr. Greg Kilburn about IVDD

(10 minutes)

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