Can I use my own vet?

All the information on the Nordic countries' X-ray screening protocols is in the public domain and has been for several years. There is nothing to stop any Dachshund owner from asking their own vet to take the X-rays and send these to one of the Nordic experts for scoring.


The benefits of participating in the Breed Council's screening programme, using one of our CVS vet partners, are as follows:

  • X-rays are available at a discounted price from CVS normal rates
  • CVS has put an internal quality assurance process in place to help ensure the X-rays meet the standard required for scoring
  • The Breed Council will pay for the scoring to be done by an experienced screening expert in Finland (Anu Lappalainen)
  • You can participate in the wider IVDD research programme being conducted by the Breed Council, with support from CVS


If you do decide to use your own (or another) vet and would be prepared to share your dog's results with us, the Breed Council will pay for the scoring of your X-rays. We can then make this information available along with all the CVS results.


The Breed Council also offers occasional subsidies (currently £100 per test) and anyone using their own vet is also eligible to have these as well.


Please ensure you send your X-rays to Anu Lappalainen for scoring along with a Consent Form (pdf).

Screening protocols: Contacts:
Finland (pdf download) Anu Lappalainen (currently supporting the Breed Council's research)
You can also download the Protocol and Consent Form here.  
Norway (pdf download) Øyvind Stigen
IVDD Screening protocol - give this to your vet (if you are not using CVS).
IDD x-ray instructions_UK.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]

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